Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Return Of The Clouds......

The return of the clouds gracefully gliding overhead is music to my soul, my being lifted, jubilant at this rapturous vision.
The approach of the cooler weather is welcomed by me, as my favourite time of the year is winter, a time of many pleasures.
Snuggling in bed listening to the rain falling onto the roof, curling up under a blanket and watching a movie, or reading a book.
Rugging up to go for a walk in the rain, feeling the fresh wind caressing your face, your cheeks flushed by the brisk air.
Sitting in the car with a flask of hot and spicy cacao, watching the waves pounding against the shore.
A time to slow down and enjoy the season of quiet.............

If you look closely I wonder, do you too see the face of a cat mischievously watching?

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