Sunday, March 11, 2012

In Silence.......

In silence I greet the dawning of a new day.
Surrounded by those I love, full of gratitude for the affection that radiates throughout this demure space.
Simplicity is the key to a happy heart, for, in the luxuriousness of sitting in the presence of such purity, I expand to merge with the blessings around me.
Quiet moments, of sheer beauty.
Yet this artful practice of being in the company of surrender evades many, as by stilling ones self to recline into the embrace of the earth brings clarity to the soul, opening your eyes to the truth of all existence. 
Around me life continues to unfold, and as I watch, quietly I am cradled into the aura of contentment that billows around me, lifting higher into the authenticity of the moment.

                                                For in the idleness of nothingness, all is found.

There is no need to do.

Just being conscious of my kinship and the interconnectedness that unites us all is enough, for in knowing this truth, I see the shards of light that weave their web of beauty throughout all of creation.
Nothing, is untouched.
For the filaments of this heavenly light infiltrate every life form upon this planet, their harmonic hymns beseeching me to delve deeper into the realms of paradise that encircle me.
Erasing the myth of disconnection.............

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Mandi said...

a veritable jungle is on the cards inhabited by the kings....oh and a little princess....x