Saturday, March 31, 2012

Feeling Connected......

 Feeling connected to those around us is not always easy, for many of us find ourselves living apart from those who we connect with the most. 
In this realm of illusion, disconnection is perhaps the most difficult obstacle to overcome, for we are conditioned from birth to believe that we are separate from everyone else, that life will be difficult, isolating and often painful.
 There are moments still, where I feel this myth to be true, usually when I am tired, a little weary of having to live with my feet in two worlds, one world where I walk, seemingly normally, to make abundance to support myself in this materialistic mayhem we call society, and the other world, my truth, the simplicity of sitting with my heart, in silence and, in peace.
All of us are jewels of priceless radiance, yet we are programmed and manipulated to not even see this fact, much less believe it, we are not seen for the lights we are, the radiant and exquisite beings we truly are, for if we all knew the truth of our lineage, this materialistic and empty society would dissolve, allowing all of mankind to blossom and to step out of the chains that keep us trudging in a world of lies and deception, a world that is designed to dis-empower. 

Reach towards the sun within every day, take time, even if it is for a few moments to sit with the truth within, with each light that reawakens in this fraudulent world, assists it in becoming a brighter place, a place of unity and of peace, a place of universal love.........

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susan said...

What you say I also believe to be true.