Monday, March 26, 2012

Every Afternoon...

 Every afternoon for a couple of hours I have the delightful company of many rainbows which come to dance around the house.
With the approach of the winter months the sun now sits lower in the sky, thus playing with the crystals dangling from the curtain rail.

 As the wind blows in gently through the open door the rainbows zoom across the walls disappearing down the corridor with very often two curious cats chasing them, attempting a capture!
 It is joyous to watch the universe provide such magic, rainbow alchemy to amuse my furry playmates, which in turn pleases me.
 As the prism starts to turn, ever so slowly once again, the light is captured within, and, as the light beams within the crystal the house is showered once again with rainbows. 
 A serene way to unwind and relax into the night.............

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