Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life As I Knew It.................

 Life as I knew it, is now, officially over!
 As suddenly I am in full bloom, having shed the layers of my yesterdays completely, waking this morning profoundly transformed.

Yesterday was a day of mystical wonder, which incidentally did not occur randomly, I actually created it. 
After following the web of synchronicity that has woven it's spell throughout my story for the last few months, I have finally opened fully to embrace the magic that had entered my life.
As I deepen my connection with the Dreamspell Calendar, having following this natural time calendar for some years now the quickening has completely altered my  state of being, the changes have been subtle, but ending with a climax yesterday that has taken my breath away!
 Listening to the inner voice that alerts me to be watchful of the events and people that enter my story I knew that yesterday was a day of intensity, one that held the ability to alter the course of my story.
The energies engulfing the planet monumental.
 Leading me closer to home.
 From the moment I opened my eyes yesterday I had a feeling that something was going to happen, I had a strong feeling that I had to cancel some scheduled training I was expected to attend at work, there was a distinct feeling that I was not meant to be going to this. Throughout the morning I pondered the situation and wondered how to get out of it, as morning inched it's way towards midday the unsettled feeling within intensified.
I was suddenly alerted to my mobile vibrating in my pocket, lifting the phone into view I noticed the message from was the office, with the word training clearly visible.
First thought was to discard it, but then I opened the message and read it.
The training had been cancelled!
Relieved I set off home.

Having no plan as to what I would do I prepared a simple lunch, just as I was to sit down to eat, another message appeared on my phone, a friend asking if I was up for a visit this evening.
I did not even consider that this was a work night, I said yes, and then asked him to stay for dinner, he accepted and I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, enjoying an afternoon at home.
After he got here we chatted out in the garden for awhile until I had this overwhelming urge to take him to the beach, so we headed off just in time to watch the sun set.

On the drive down to the beach I told him about my favourite part of the beach, where rugged limestone cliffs meet the sea, and my wish to get past them.
To which he replied, no time like the present!

The sea was quite rough, the swell very strong, our quest, a little risky!

At first we were both bothered about getting wet, because we had no intention of swimming, or paddling, but after a time of being knee deep in water we finally gave up, mainly because we were laughing so much at the fun we were having by living in the moment.
A feeling of euphoria welled up inside me, I felt liberated and free for having had the courage to brave the swell of the ocean and exploring new ground, with a companion who not only shared my enthusiasm, but felt the same, we decided, in the worst case scenario we would climb up and head back through the dunes!
Not to be one put of by the rising level of the water, we braved the sharp rocks and furious waves and made our way back the way we had come.

Heading back to the car, wet through and sandy we were united in a bond of wonder, we were living inside the moment.

It was astonishing.

Back home for the next few hours we chatted about our seaside adventure as we ate dinner, and then, chatted some more, until the suggestion of going for a night swim arose!

We smiled at each other and it was agreed, the sea was beckoning us again.

Arriving at the beach car park to find not even one light to illuminate the beach, put us off for maybe a second, then we headed off down the steps and into the darkness to the waiting playground below.
Leaving our clothes in a pile we dashed into the warm waters.
Although the waves were relatively small, they had immense power, it did not take long until we had both been knocked over and were rolling with laughter at the force of the ocean, it was like we were skittles in a bowling alley, every time we stood up, she knocked us down immediately.
I can't say there had ever been such a perfect moment, above us the heavens twinkled as the planets and stars in Father Sky watched us frolicking upon our Earth Mother.

It was perfection.

Heading back to car once we noticed that the tide was coming in rather swiftly we climbed the steps in  a state of rapture.

Completely at one with each other and, everything around us.

Arriving back at the car we realised it was nearly midnight, and, both of us had work today, but it did not seem to matter, nothing mattered, except the extreme happiness that radiated from us, pulsating in perfect unison all we passed.

As I prepared for bed after he left I was wondering how I would sleep, I was wide awake, full of an energy unlike anything I have ever experienced. 

Sleep did eventually come, I think I managed four hours, which normally would see me shattered for the whole day, but, even now as I type I am still buzzing!

Something altered in me last night, I feel as if I have walked out of one body and into another, a change has occurred on a cellular level and I know I am not qualified to understand, nor explain what that really means.
All I know is it is my time to soar, I have finally begun to fly................


PerthDailyPhoto said...

It certainly seems like you are going through some major life changes Gemel, and as they all seem very positive I'm really happy for you..enjoy!

holdingmoments said...

Keep soaring Gemel; it can only be good. Your happiness really shines through.

Arti said...

Life is taking good turns for you, am happy.
Such a beautifully written post, lends energy to those reading it too!!
Fabulous captures too.
Have a nice week ahead Gemel :)

susan said...

I know I don't come by to visit all that often but something told me to drop by this evening. I'm feeling very blessed that I did - the combination of your wonderful photographs and story have brightened this night for me. May you always fly ♡

Michelle said...

ahhh :-)) Huge smile here! I enjoyed that like I was there.

Keep flying!!!