Sunday, February 05, 2012


 Celebrating the full moon early this month to coincide with the Chinese New Year, I headed off early to assist in preparing for the night ahead.
Arriving to find the tipi still down was a strange sight, turning the corner and seeing the area open was rather bizarre.
 Before erecting the tipi once again the area was cleansed, preparing for the energy of the night.

 The soft rhythm of the drum along with the haunting sounds of the didgeridoo enhanced the already magical tone of the afternoon.
Birdsong suddenly increasing as the ceremony progressed, symbolising the interconnectedness of All, bridging all worlds together in sacred harmony.
With the Sun appearing from behind the clouds as the ritual drew to a close the energy suddenly intensified, strands of rainbow light cascaded over us, uniting heaven and earth within us all.

A lone Crusader Beetle landed on my hand, twirling around and around on my finger, as if dancing, stopping to share this moment of innocent wonder was a gift so precious, reaffirming my belief that we are All One, there is no separation, the energy and love circulating around me was felt by All.
With the poles oiled and ribbons tied with intent to the top of them, it was now time to raised them up.
And then quite suddenly it all begins to take shape.

The tipi's new totem is grandmother Cockatoo, she was found in the bushland, perfectly preserved, at first glance I thought she was still living, so lifelike she appears.
The energy she radiates is overpowering, her femininity oozes from her, offering a nurturing embrace to all present.
The next task was to go in search for offerings for the altar.
Two of us set about seeking flowers in the fields surrounding the tipi.
Offering thanks to each plant as we took a bloom.
Spying some tomatoes we decided to add them to brighten our basket of love, their plump redness adding the finishing touch.
Arriving back at the tipi in time to watch the canvas being thrown over, the wind billowing it out like a massive skirt.

Once again the tipi stands proud and strong, the essence of the rituals already held within her pulsate softly, anticipating tonight's event.

The final finishing touches to the outside sees me going inside the tipi to assist in preparing the mattresses and altar.
And suddenly it all begins to take shape, just as tonight's participants begin to arrive.
To enjoy a night of true bliss................

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