Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Handsome Stranger.............

A handsome stranger restored my faith in humanity this afternoon.

His gift.

A random act of kindness.

Unbeknown to me, all three of my brake lights had stopped working, and travelling home in peak hour traffic on the free way I noticed this man behind me for the entire journey. If I changed lanes, he changed lanes, so it went until the free way ended.

As I slowed down to stop at the red light ahead, windows down the breeze blowing in, Mr Tall Dark and Handsome pulls along side, and tells me that my brake lights don't work, and to be careful, before driving off and disappearing from view.

Proving, we are never alone.
There is someone always watching out for us, even if we fail to think so................


Clik said...

Ola gemel!
Estou visitando seu blog pela
Primeira vez! Estou encantado
Com seu trabalho! Como Vc fala e
Nos mostra sua realidade da Vida!

Suas imagens lindas!

Amanhecer, anoitecer, mar praias,

Animais e passaros, as pegadas na

Areia na praia, a sombra na caminhada sua
Suas palavras estupendas!

Concluindo; estou te seguindo e quero estar

Sempre por perto para acompanhar seu trabalho!

Bom dia!


PerthDailyPhoto said...

It's very reassuring to know that the age of chivalry is not quite gone hey Gemel! Tall, dark and handsome you say, nice!!