Sunday, January 01, 2012

Giving From The Heart.......

 Giving from the heart for me is done through cooking for those I love, for, in the joy and love I infuse into the food as I prepare, and cook it, warms and nurtures the mind, body and soul of all who share it.
Having laid the table in preparation for my guests arrival, it was then into the kitchen to allow my inspiration to flow.

 I had an hour until they all arrived, what would it be I would create?
The finished result was a wholesome and tasty explosion of flavours and textures, which even if I admit myself was utterly delicious!

And what was it that I created?

Firstly, a hearty garden salad, raw mushrooms, yellow pepper, apple cucumber, a selection of miniature tomatoes, two types of lettuce, bean shoots and shallots.
To accompany that I made stuffed mushrooms, tomato, chives, peppers, onion and garlic, mixed together, drizzling olive oil over them then baked for around 40 minutes, ever so easy and totally yummy.
Then I made potato patties, one sweet potato, one red potato, and one white potato, cooked until soft, once drained I added one can of chilli beans, coriander and a few chives, mashed it all together with a little rice flour until the mixture is lump free.Taking a small spoonful of the mixture I moulded them into a pattie shape and fried until golden, a quick and simple recipe, which you can add all sort of ingredients to, the possibilities are endless.
After that I made a pasta salad, once the pasta was cooked I strained it and added some Thai olives, Italian seasoning, tomatoes and a few shallots, with a drizzle of olive oil, return it to a low heat for a few minutes and presto, a feast for four is complete!

There is no better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than sharing a meal of wholesome food, coupled with wonderful company and stimulating conversation...................

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