Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Staring The Day.........

 Starting the day with a cooling swim in the refreshing Indian Ocean was delightful.
 With the temperature only expected to reach 33C it was comfortable enough for me to venture outside. 
 Being my first swim of the year I quickly realised how much I had missed frolicking in the waves, usually by the time I am able to head down to the beach it is far too hot to do so.

After an hour of bobbing about in the revitalizing water though I feel I may be inclined to visit my local watery playground more often............

Sunday Smile............

Blue Spheres Fall From the Sky During Hail Storm - England - Jan. 26, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Guardian Angel.........

My Guardian Angel was certainly keeping a watchful eye over me yesterday, it started as every other week day, except, given the heat I thought that I would check the oil and water in the car with the heat wave the city is currently experiencing.

Heading off to work, my day unfolded without incident until shortly after I left my last clients house.
Deciding that I would brave the freeway in peak hour traffic was a last minute decision, but I was so exhausted from the days heat, I wanted to get home as quickly as possible.
And then, just as I turned onto the feeder lane that merged with the already packed freeway disaster struck!
Suddenly there was dark grey smoke billowing out from underneath my car, so much so that I thought the car was on fire. Striking the hazard lights and pulling into the emergency lane I got out to see if I could locate the source of the problem, strangely though, with the engine off the smoke had ceased.
So, in I get and started the car again, same thing, so much smoke was coming out from underneath the car it was clearly not safe to drive.
Calling the RAC for assistance I found a shady spot to wait until help arrived.

I did not have to wait long, maybe ten minutes before I saw a welcome sight of the yellow RAC van pulling up in front of my little car. Explaining the situation to the man as he did preliminary checks under the bonnet, when he turned to me and said that I had put in too much oil, and before it could be driven it would need to be drained. He was astounded that I had driven from one end of the city to the other throughout the course of the day and it was only now it had reached the engine, he assured me it was an easy operation, yet, not one to be attempted on the side of the freeway.
This left no other option, I needed to be towed home, a further 38 kilometres north of where we were, at $3.12 per kilometre, an expensive end to a Friday afternoon!
With the tow truck sorted out the RAC man had to get on to his next person in distress and thus went on his way, which left me to wait until my ride appeared, another hour and a half later.

As I sat watching the endless procession of passing cars I realised that this could have been a lot worse, if this had of happened once I had joined the freeway I might not have been so lucky.
Spending this time I had  to wait in complementation of how I had been safely guided out of harms way with seconds to spare was humbling, as I felt so incredibly safe and protected in this moment.
The journey home was without incident, except that when I asked the driver how much I owed him it was $40 short of what the RAC man quoted me.
Divine gift number two!

With one of my relatives arriving this morning to assist me in draining the sump I had a feeling that we needed a mechanic, someone who would know what they were doing, my normal mechanic is travelling, so we had come up with the idea if we could not do it safely ourselves we would tow it to a service station, except, that did not feel right!

So, minutes before he arrived I began looking on the internet to see if there where any listings for mobile mechanics in my immediate area, there was one, knowing it was a Saturday I doubted I would have much luck, but after hearing my tale, he said he could be here in 15 minutes, which he was, and my car back to normal within half an hour. 
Expecting to pay a surcharge being a Saturday and knowing he did not normally work Saturdays I braced myself when I asked what I owed him, $50 he said, which was so much lower than I expected, and as I see it Divine gift number three.

What I learnt from all of this was acceptance, or rather my willingness to accept what was unfolding, I was not angry, nor was I stressed, I just accepted what was.
In doing so I feel I allowed the flow of synchronicity to bring to me all that I required......................

When We..........

When we find 
In our differences 

We find wonderment and freedom

Leading us to

The way of happiness and peace...........

The Watcher............

 The watcher

Friday, January 27, 2012


Freedom is oxygen to the soul.............

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Thundery Storm....

 A thundery storm descended upon us this afternoon, having tried unsuccessfully to remain cool over the last few days I sat outside and allowed the fat juicy drops to chill me.

 The ferocity of the wind set Spirit scurrying inside, the sudden claps of thunder sending Pixie dashing for cover. 

 As lightening illuminated the sky I sat enjoying this unexpected reprieve of the relentless heat, the sound of the rain pounding the tin roof a soothing melody to my ears. 

 And then as suddenly as it began,

 It ceased, with golden rays of light breaking through the clouds.

 And once again, all was still.

 Yet, in the stillness the ominous presence of the storm still lingered. 
 As storm front approached from the east, the sky had cleared momentarily to allow a burst of sunlight through, filling the house with magical cosmic energy.....................

Random Acts of Kindness

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heading Straight.......

 Heading straight for a nice, cool, relaxing bath when I got home from work given the extreme heat of the day seemed like a great idea, well, to me anyway, Tarmal freaked out immediately once he saw me submerged in the water. 
 Spirit seemingly sharing his concerns, though, being a little braver he jumped up for a closer look, which lasted seconds before he rejoined his worried sibling.

 Tarmie decided to change positions and headed to his normal bath watching place, as usual his face was stricken with anxiety as I lounge luxuriously, enjoying the cool water on my skin.

 Spirit seemed to be feeling the vibe of his baby brother, his face displaying his worry, god knows what they think is going to happened to me in each time I enter the bath.

 After awhile Tarmie gave up watching, however the worried expression never left his face, bath and mum is clearly not a good combination in his view!
 But then it all changed, you know what they say about cats and curiosity!

 Spirit decided to get a closer look, which in turn intrigued Tarmal, so he had to follow, which entertained me as I lay soaking, quietly chuckling as they investigated, silently hoping that they did not fall in................... 

Never Lose Faith.........

Never lose faith

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel

Keep moving 


Soon you will be there.............