Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just How......

 Just how is one to keep cool in this heat?
Bless his heart, Tarmie does struggle to cope in the heat, and seeing as I did not have any luck in locating a cat groomer to clip him, he may have to endure a bath or two this summer to assist him in coping.
 Sprawling out on the cool floor seems like the best way to cool down, the last hint of the morning breeze still floating in.
 What a life!
Lazing around all day, stretching and slumbering the day away.
 That's if you can find somewhere that is cool enough, thinks Tarmie as he heads in search of a cooler sleeping place!
 Ah, perfect!
That will be the last I see of his Lordship until later on this afternoon, when, hopefully the sea breeze begins to blow and afternoon playtime outside begins...................................

1 comment:

Angie said...

My Ebony used to get under a very low coffee table or on the tiled floor of the toilet! (Welcome cool today even though it's very humid).