Thursday, December 15, 2011


 Clearly not impressed, the boy's stick together.
Whilst Madame, gives me a look of desperation! 
Having had 'their' home invaded three times by house guests recently, which, I hasten to add, they really did enjoy, seeing that playing with them seemed to amuse my guests no end!
On top of that, bless their beautiful hearts, they have had to contend with longer days without mummy, and, a WHOLE night, home alone!
Is it any wonder I get snubbed by two and 'the look' by one each and every time I leave the house?
No, of course not!
To compensate though, my cherished feline babies are thrilled to see me, as I am them, whenever I enter the house.
Their love is unconditional, eternal, and I, never for an instant, forsake this depth of the love we share............

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PerthDailyPhoto said...

Your feline friends are adorable Gemel, everytime I see them I think of my Lily, but I'm just not brave enough yet to have another, it hurts so much when they pass.