Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Circles Within Circles..............

 Circles within circles are suddenly manifesting continuously into my story, the synchronised waltz of harmony filling my world with joy.
A few months ago I began an intense cleansing which included all aspects of my life, from de-cluttering the house, to, releasing others who no longer resonated to my own quickening vibration.
The decision to let go on such a monumental level was at the time a little confronting, as, living in a city that is less than friendly, I was left feeling even more isolated and lonely than I had ever felt.
Until the past few weeks that is! 
The circles of love have settled upon my story, so much so that it has me laughing at how, once planted an intention sows it seed deep within the depth of ones soul, forming roots so strong that suddenly a new way of life blossoms out of nowhere.
It all began with meeting someone in a bookshop some months ago, from that first conversation a sequence of events have unfolded that has me grinning from ear to ear at the interconnectedness of the intention I set.
From this one beautiful person I was invited to a new meditation circle, from here I then went to another circle, and, in each new encounter with my new found friend I meet new people, who, not only are able to speak to me on the level of deepness of which I so dearly craved, they all know each other!

From this one blessed meeting initiated by the waves of love, sent forward from Source, I now feel cradled in the arms of Gaia as I relish the spontaneity of my days, each one infused with kinship and love.
Stepping forward into a new and fresh tomorrow was daunting at first, yet now though each day is filled with glorious wonder of the endless possibilities that stretch out in front of me. 

Daring to cleanse my life took courage, for I knew that as I set forth on the path of inner truth and deep cleansing I would pass through a period of doubt, wondering whether it would have been better to hold onto the empty relationships that had me wrapped in sadness and disillusion than to be more alone than I had ever been. 

Thankfully I worked through these feelings, spending many days sitting in the comforting surrounds of my quaint garden paradise, for it was here in the silence of truth that the sprouts of my tomorrows did grow....................

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Cloudia said...

how wonderful - and thank you for honoring the spiral in that great shot!

Aloha from Waikiki

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