Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Can You Feel..................

 Can you feel the Spirit within?
Do you know how wondrous you are?
Can you feel the immeasurable love that saturates your soul?  
All of us are Beings of celestial radiance, each of us eternal, walking in a glorious kaleidoscope of infinite joy.
The disconnection birthed from humanities quest for materialism and technology has shut down the feeling centres of millions, gone is their affinity to Source, what they are left with is a hollow shell of gloom and emptiness.
Around us is a matrix, a interwoven maze of purity, Light so incredibly nurturing that by tuning into its existence can fill your heart with treasures indescribable.
In this confused and violent society that we are forced to reside in connecting to Source is not something we are encouraged to do, for, it is the needy, the hungry, the depressed, the angry that pave the way for the governing powers to keep us in a subjugated state.
Your own power lies within you.
There is no other who can set you free.
It is you and only you who holds the key to your own freedom.
Reacquainting oneself with the divine within sets you free, you will require no teachers, no gurus, no churches, you will depend entirely upon the godhead within, once you reach this inner destination of grace, there will be no turning back........................

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