Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bruce Lipton - Corruption in Government


Spending the morning cooking a couple of weekends ago, making my current favourites, tomatoes stuffed with couscous and olives, plus a spicy pasta dish, in preparation for a gathering of friends, to relax under a canopy of leaves in the lush, and relaxing parkland's of Point Walter, one of Perth's loveliest garden retreats.
With my basket filled with my delectable morsels I was ready to set off to meet my circle of friends for an afternoon picnic, lazily reclining under shady bows, whilst enjoying numerous offerings of vegetarian delights.
As I approached home on that sultry evening, I did so with a full and happy heart.
For suddenly in front of me new and exciting opportunities loom, the gift of new friendships offered from a variety of directions, filling my world with gratitude for the mystical hand that writes the story of my life......................  

Just How......

 Just how is one to keep cool in this heat?
Bless his heart, Tarmie does struggle to cope in the heat, and seeing as I did not have any luck in locating a cat groomer to clip him, he may have to endure a bath or two this summer to assist him in coping.
 Sprawling out on the cool floor seems like the best way to cool down, the last hint of the morning breeze still floating in.
 What a life!
Lazing around all day, stretching and slumbering the day away.
 That's if you can find somewhere that is cool enough, thinks Tarmie as he heads in search of a cooler sleeping place!
 Ah, perfect!
That will be the last I see of his Lordship until later on this afternoon, when, hopefully the sea breeze begins to blow and afternoon playtime outside begins...................................

The Call Of The Ocean...........

 The call of the ocean summoned me to it's shores yesterday morning, along with a family of Aborigines, which is a rare sight indeed.
Watching the children laughing and frolicking with delight in the shallow water made me linger awhile, just watching the innocence of play.

 Continuing further along the beach I was somewhat surprised that given the heat of the morning it was still deserted.
Although, given the main Perth beaches have been closed recently with a succession of shark sightings, perhaps it was wise, Jindalee Beach is not patrolled, therefore swimming here is considerably risky, the currents are very strong and, sharp rocks cover the sea bed.
 Gazing back momentarily though I noticed that suddenly the beach was filling up, the early morning heat luring them all beach side to cool down as the temperature rises.
 The sea was uninviting for me however, there seemed to be an ominous presence lingering, perhaps it was nothing more than the unsettled stormy weather, nonetheless I was content to stroll along the sandy shore.
 This seemingly endless stretch of beach changes each and every time I come down here, each day offers a different view.

Suddenly though, my path came to an abrupt end, the incoming tide cutting me off from walking further north, this part of the beach I find the most intriguing, yet it is only possible to gain access when the tide is low, and the sea calm.

Heading back I stopped for awhile, standing silently observing the vastness of this mighty ocean, respectfully aware of the mighty and deadly force she is. 

Contemplating the risk one takes whenever swimming in the waters of the Western Australian coast, for as alluring as these sparkling waters are, they also harbour many deadly residents, Stonefish, Great White Sharks, Stingrays, and Jellyfish to name but a few, all call this watery playground home, which is why I will only swim on certain days.
I do get quite disillusioned however when the local authorities wish to cull the sharks so that the humans may swim, it saddens me to think that some many people still view the lives of others as disposable, after all it is not us who have gills!

 Gazing over to the sand dunes looming to my left I realised that I am often tempted to go up and explore their as yet, untainted beauty, however, again, these hills are teeming with many venomous and deadly snakes, and, given that I amble alone I resist the temptation to explore.
 Perhaps in the cooler months I may take the opportunity to view my coastal playground from another vantage point, for now though I am content to wade along this splendid coastline watching the world passing by.
 A group of young surfers were having a wonderful time, the waves had begun to increase not only in intensity, but in height also, giving them hours of surfing pleasure.
 Back to where I set off, the indigenous family were still enjoying this wonderful watery playground, seeing them here enjoying themselves was really refreshing, as it truly is such a rare sight.
 Taking the pathway back to my car I did so with a light and happy heart, simple pleasures fill me with such elation, taking this feeling with me I walked into the blankness of the waiting day................

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Year Before Us............

 The year before us has been predicted by the Mayan Calendar and the I Ching as being one of monumental Earth changes, the reality of this has already been felt with the numerous 'natural' disasters that have occurred this year. Not only that, humans themselves are being put through the wringer, as the planetary cleansing begins to reach its peak.
Ancient wisdom speaks to us, it is here for us to learn from, as the Ancient Mayan peoples held more wisdom than we do now, they lived from the heart, despite being wrongly depicted as barbaric, the knowledge and love of the true Maya lives on.

A message from Grandmother Marina, Quiche Mayan Elder

"There is much concern and worry about 21/12/2012 and there will be more.
It is important in these times to stay focused on Mother Earth, and to live simply.
Good and natural foods and herbal medicines are required for our health.
The children must be taught to rely upon Nature, not technology (which is causing them to disconnect from the Mother.)
Our Ancestors told us that these hard times of change would come, along with many wars and natural disasters.
We must be patient and work together as a Global Community using our differences for Good.
Great Ahau will take control of things when we surrender our selfishness.
Look to the ways of the indigenous peoples, they remember the Ways of the Earth, and they can help Guide us."


It is not only the Maya that offer us truth and wisdom, as Grandmother Marina said, all indigenous cultures do, and this is why these cultures where destroyed, for they hold far more than the powers that be would like the rest of us to know.

Feed your soul
Clear your mind
Open you heart

The time to choose has arrived, it is up to each of us to awaken, to heal, and to remember what being human is truly about, to seek out the ways of our indigenous ancestors.

The technological world is not a world that offers love, nor contentment to those caught in its claws of addiction, for it increases the disconnection from our truth, promotes hatred, fear and defeat.
Inside all of us lies the answers for all our worries, discontentment, failures, addictions and fears, for inside of us all lays the way to peace, waiting for each of us to hear the call from within.

If all of us choose peace as a way of life, if more of us decide to stand against the fear based societies we are forced to reside in there will be a shift.

Seek out those who share the vision.
Join with them as often as you are able.
Allow the isolation of this robotic imprisoned materialistic world to disintegrate, taking with it the hatred and destruction that has destroyed this planet and countless lives with it.

It is time for all of us to regain the intrinsic power of unconditional love, and to  open ourselves and the planet to the endless possibilities of peace..................

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Walking Down.......

 Walking down the hallway I suddenly realised how I had achieved my goal of attaining a place of grace.
A dwelling that offers me the calmness to sit and just be, watching the wind waltz through the garden.

 Whether I am in or out makes no difference as my view is equally relaxing from whichever vantage point I choose.
Taking time to refrain from life for awhile fills me with gratitude, for having the ability to view the unmistakable wonder of all creation no matter where it is I happen to find myself is a gift of everlasting euphoria........................

Friday, December 23, 2011

It' Been Awhile................

 It's been awhile since I have had long and invigorating walk, life is much fuller now and suddenly my once frequent walks seem a thing of the past!
Today though, the sky beckoned me as I left the house early this morning, and as luck would have it I managed to discover a new riverside playground to explore in Dalkeith while filling in time in-between clients.
Normally I just sit in my car and read, but today I needed to walk, allowing the blustery wind to cleanse me, as I balanced myself between Earth and Sky.

Interesting sculptures, simply stunning, taking me back to night recently spent slumbering in a teepee. 
To the glistening orbs of twinkling sand urging me to follow their call.

And monster rocks, popping up out of nowhere.

Sandy footprints leaving the mark of many souls forever entwined within the sand.

Elegant gulls as always completely mesmerising to me, in an instant I am lost as my spirit takes flight to soar with them.

A perfect place to just watch the world meander past, the rhythm of the water hypnotic, a melody that soothes the soul.

Heading back to my waiting car I realised how much I missed my walks, how the time alone, spent connecting with Source vital for my inner balance.

I did spot this chap having a spot of bother just before reaching the car, bracing myself against the trunk of one of the mighty trees in the park I zoomed in to watch his antics.
Glad that it was him and not me splashing about in the river attempting to right his ride, as there are lots of stinging jellyfish and the occasional shark frequenting these waters.

Entertainment over and time for me to move along, but not before I acknowledged that I shall resume my coastal and nature walks, for there is no place better for me to rejuvenate, than in the warming embrace of our Creator.................