Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Whatever You...................

Whatever you do
Whatever you say
Whatever you feel
Whatever you think 
Ripples out into the endlessness of forever effecting the totality of creation
Of each and every aspect of 'reality'

Nothing is forsaken as we beam our frequencies out into the cosmos radiating our light back to source.
You may view yourself as insignificant in the vastness of the Universe, but, you are a powerful sacred inter-dimensional Being.

By governing actions, thoughts, words and deeds and remaining in our integrity we offer boons of transition for the planet.
Seeing past the trapping of the technological materialistic era and returning to the simple ways of the heart, returns you to the intrinsic truth that resides in us all, it slumbers within as many are swept along in a false world of stimulus and trinkets designed to keep you disconnected and confined in a life of sadness and struggle. 

Life is not about shops and jobs, it is not about degrees, status and ownership.
It is about  the interconnectedness of All
that comes from walking in nature, watching a sunset, lifting your head as a flock of birds fly overhead. In the simplicity of life is where you find heaven, in the total surrender of yourself back to source.
It is about finding and feeling your truth, not the truth of another, or of a religion or the teachings of a 'guru', but the truth of your own heart, for inside of you the greatest truth sits.
Modern life leaves no time for inner contemplation or personal growth as it keeps everyone locked on a merry-go-round of survival.
Even many of the 'new age' teachers are still manipulated by the trappings of fame and fortune as they attempt to lure those seeking sense in this chaotic world offering courses and promises to end the suffering they feel, yet, many of these seekers move from one promise to another as the guarantee of inner peace never comes.
Look to no other to fill your heart with peace, for it can only come from inside of you.
Reclaim your own divinity by stilling yourself to silent embrace of your heart thus unleashing the glorious jewel within..............

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ioan moldovan said...

Very delicate image!