Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Up Close And.............

 Up close and a little too personal with my first resident Redback spider this afternoon had me running for cover as the tiny arthropod chased me along the garden path.
 I kid you not! 

The persistent tiny critter was not impressed that I had accidentally caught her with the broom disturbing her afternoon nap, and hence, swiftly gave chase.
Not wearing any shoes I decided that getting out of the way would be the best option, after all, their venom is very potent and can be fatal.
I have not seen one here before, and seeing that I am given to garden in flip-flops and normally without  gloves I may have to rethink my garden attire.
Having done a little research on the humble Redback I now discover that they like to lurk, and nest in the most unsuspecting places, and, after 14 days of incubation in a woolly, spherical egg sack, the spiderlings are then dispersed on the wind as soon as conditions are right.
Which is why they end up in weird and wonderful places.

Looks like I shall have to be a tad more present whilst tending to my miniature Eden with the likes of Madame taking up residence.........


ioan moldovan said...

Very impressive! I like very much! Congratulations! Many greetings!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I'm the same Gemel, I never wear gloves when gardening and tend to stick my hands right into the bushes, but I can't work with gloves, like to 'feel' what I'm doing. We should both probablt be more careful..

R.Ramakrishnan said...

What a colorful beauty - spiders weave intricate webs but they do it so quickly and with such expertise ! Amazing creations of nature !