Thursday, November 03, 2011


 Ominous clouds drifting ever closer
 Dancing curtains swaying in the breeze
 Without warning the heavens open
 Drenching the garden within seconds
 Glistening puddles 
 Raindrops trickling upon the leaves
 Shimmering rainbow orbs
 Ginger steps as Pixie sets of to explore
 Disappearing from view

Wet paws tiptoeing through the garden 

 Puzzled she retreats inside
Willing the water to leave............


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Can just picture Ginger tip toeing out onto the wet patio, cat's are so not keen on 'wet' are they. How divine was the rain today after the last few days, so enjoyed it.

Gemel said...

It was really funny Grace, she was definitely not a happy camper!
The rain was heavenly, after those first few hot days :)

Michelle said...

oh that was delightful! I love all the photos, but that tip of tail out the window... that one just gets me. It's so adorable.

Gemel said...

Thanks Michelle, it is one of those pictures that speaks one thousand words...