Thursday, November 17, 2011

My One And Only

 My one and only rose bush has finally begun to flower, selecting this particular specimen (double delight) for its delicate beauty and its positively divine scent I am thrilled to see so many buds appearing.
As each flower begins to unfold the petals are prominently yellow, with a hint of pink splashed here and there.
 Yet, once they open, the yellow fades to a exquisite pastel hue, as the pink becomes more strikingly obvious. 
 Across the other side of the garden this shrub (I forget the name,) has also gifted the garden with many bouquets of loveliness, even though the caterpillars are quite partial to the leaves. 
 The day lily's are only days away from flowering, each afternoon as I arrive home I rush to see the changes in my little domain. 
 The purple flowers on the catmint are attracting oodles of bee's, I spend many a quiet moment watching them as they buzz from flower to flower collecting nectar, a guaranteed pastime to induce drowsiness!
 Also the first magnolia is beginning to unravel, already it's heady scent lingers in the garden, another perfume to add to the delicious aromas of star jasmine, orange jasmine and gardenia that already float upon the breeze.
Not all of the flowers offer fragrance however, the bougainvillia has begun to trail up the garage wall, its boon the vibrant splash of colour to break up the neighbouring wall.
It takes very little to fill my heart with content, watching my garden flourish is utterly joyful................


PerthDailyPhoto said...

I totally agree Gemel, I get such pleasure from my garden. My very favorite are my roses, I've always had a thing about roses, they are the most romantic flowers. You garden looks so lovely, it's graet that you were able to plant it from scratch and so rewarding to see it start to flourish.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Your rose is delightful. A garden, however humble seems to hold so many little treasures.

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Such lovely pictures and matching verses for each. Flowers really bring a lot of joy to the beholder. Thanks for sharing the joy

London Flower said...

Your rose is very beautiful. A garden, however humble seems to hold so many little really a good post.

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