Saturday, November 19, 2011

Love Surrounds Us....

 Love surrounds us, it is everywhere, thing is most people never see it.
Often the beautiful beings that share our planet are viewed as nuisances, and frequently murdered or maimed in hideous ways.
I have always beheld my fellow travellers as part of myself, I see no difference in the skins they wear, they are me, I am them, therefore I eat a vegan diet.
 The longer I spend on this planet the more I am heartbroken by humanities cruelty and blatant disrespect for the lives of others.
 If anyone truly takes the time to sit in nature and watch the relationships our animal folk have, you would begin to realise that they are just like us.
They communicate and love just like us, and they suffer just like us, they mourn just like us.
 I often wonder when others are setting up a trap for an animal, or, going out to shoot 'for fun', or aiming their car to end a life, what actually goes through their heads, what do they get out of such hideous actions?
Do they ever consider the pain they are inflicting?
 Is there any wonder that the planet is in such a diabolical state when few know how to love.
Love is not just reserved for the humans, if you have definitely found unconditional love, then you love all life, there are no exceptions.
 Of late I have been able to assist animals as they are left for dead by the cruel humans who have injured them, in these precious moments spent with them I feel an ache wrenching my heart as I know that their families will not know of their passing.
It does not matter whether it is an ant, squirrel, lizard or bird, all creatures are divine, each of them feels pain, and all deserve to pass when their journey has ended in a peaceful way.
 Maybe the world will never come to view, and respect the animal folk as I do, and I know I am just a tiny speck on this planet attempting to awaken the hearts of others to expand enough to realise that the killing has to stop, not just the wars fuelled by man, but all killing, of the beautiful and innocent beings that share our world...................


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Great set of pictures Gemel, love the 'pairs' theme. I must admit it horrifies me too when you hear of the things that so called 'civilised' people do to defenseless creatures! I feel it will come back on them some day in some way! Hope you are having a relaxing weekend, wasn't the weather perfect today.

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Lovely pics of lovelorn pairs.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! animals are wonderful.