Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Living Light.............

Living light for me means fuelling my body lightly.
For many years I had been somewhat partial to a particular brand of tofu, a tasty treat to my normally fruit, vegetable, pulse and grain diet.
Of late though, I have found that my body is not re-acting the same as I do to this savoury feast.
The longer I eat an unprocessed diet the more my body refuses foods and beverages that I once devoured quite happily. 

When I crave food now it is normally uncooked morsels that beckon my attention.
Without really noticing it I seem to be shifting my diet to that of a raw variety, as I find less and less cooked foods appeal to me.
I guess the bonus in all of this is I am easily pleased, not to mention catered for!


Pieces of Sunshine said...

It all looks so delicious too!

ioan moldovan said...

Excellent idea! I like very much!

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Colorful and nicely arranged. A feast for the eyes.