Friday, November 04, 2011

The Illusion......

 The illusion of this world becomes increasingly obvious as I expand deeper into my true self, the dream of life takes on a new and wondrous  perspective.
Seeing with new eyes I look upon not only myself, but, every single thing that surrounds me with a altered view.
Gone are the days of seeing the world as it appears to be, now my sight offers me the ability to see the truth of the matter that vibrates continually around me.
Orbs of brightly dancing light is what I am.
It is what you are.
It is what this entire world is.
 My journey has not always been an easy one, often I have felt that I was endlessly climbing, in what seemed an never-ending journey to the summit of truth.
Remembering that trying to achieve a goal will see you always clinging to the edge, seeing the target, yet, never attaining it. Accepting it though offers you your boon.
As in the art of acceptance, all is given.
Seeing the actuality of this world is uplifting, for nothing is as it seems.
I now gaze upon not only my own 'mortal' body as a vibrating fabrication of a global fantasy, but all of existence too.
I Am a trillion vibrating orbs of microscopic light projected as the illusion of this body.
With an epic personal shift this is how I now see all I view. 
The world is a dance of Light.
Making sense of it all now does not concern me, for, I understand that to be in 'physical' form is a journey I wished for, to experience a world vastly different from the one I come from.
A comfort of peaceful contentment showers me continually now, for, the reality of my life is only a dream, one that is here to offer me all I wish to  manifest.
Expanding into life with a clarified attitude I lay back and allow my story to lead me home.............


Jamie said...

Beautiful images and thoughts. Thank you.

Michelle said...

so beautiful.

Yep, you truly are a very lovely Peace Warrior, Gemel. :-)

Nancy said...

Amazing, isn't it? We're in a hologame!

Gemel said...

@ Michelle, thank you.

@ Nancy, it is just SO amazing, sometimes I laugh out loud at the whole idea.

Gemel said...

@ Jamie, your welcome