Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hmm, What's That.......

 Hmm, what's that?
A fly!
 Tarmal always has an ear open to new sounds, even when I think he is sound asleep he will stir at the slightest noise.
 Even a lone fly.
 Unlike his siblings Tarmie really does investigate the world thoroughly, which is not always a good idea, given his allergic reaction to a bee earlier in the year, which resulted in a mercy dash to the vets, bless his inquisitive soul! 
 But, I have to admit, his curiosity really does keep me entertained.
 For, he is completely and utterly focused on the subject of his attention for the duration, nothing tears him away from the action, not even my giggling!
 Although, judging by this look, Master T is not impressed with me laughing at his antics..............

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PerthDailyPhoto said...

Yup that face says it all, priceless!!