Monday, November 07, 2011


 Deciding that an arch would be the finishing touch to the garden, to soften the harshness of the buildings and add a point of interest I have spent a few weeks looking around waiting for something to grab my attention.
Finally though I have settled upon an arch with a difference!

 A living one. 

Having planted these three Chilean Pencil Willows on one side of the path I set off to locate two more for the other side. 
This was no easy task let me tell you, as it took me weeks to find the original three, this time though at least I had an idea of where to look!

The two new ones are much smaller, but should soon be thriving now they have been lovingly planted in their new home.
Once the five of them reach a certain height I will bend them towards each other and plat them together, where they will become one living leafy arch.

 It will add an air of elegance and mystery to my little garden retreat, not to mention a shady spot to relax on those long hot summer days.............


luksky said...

Decorating and landscape design is one of my challenges. Looks like you don't have any trouble with it though.

holdingmoments said...

That looks to be a great idea. It will be a lovely contrast; the softness of the plants with the hard edges of the buildings.

Gemel said...

I adore designing gardens Laura, I see them in my mind first, then they begin to take shape, maybe sit and meditate on the area in question, works for me.

Thanks Keith, I feel the contrast will work, only thing I have to do now is watch them grow :)

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Your little garden is looking lovely. A living arch would be delightful and add a softness as you say.