Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day Two......

 Day two of my retreat began with a slow meander along the beach, the sea serene after a week of stormy weather.
 The calm atmosphere matched my mood, tranquillity within, and, without.
 No two days are ever the same, each time I venture to the shores I always wonder what it is the ocean has left for me to explore.
 Today the sand was sprinkled with seaweed, the normally pristine white shimmery sands were transformed by the array of debris. 
 A lone Shag taking a rest from his morning fishing aired his wings as he floated peacefully, bobbing upon the quiet waters.
 Standing here observing my world I was as always mesmerized the glory of nature.
I know without the open untainted places that I retreat too I would surely wither, for it is only here in our Earth Mothers embrace that I find my truth. 
 With the masculine energy of my Father Sun warming me as I sat bonding with the love of Gaia I felt seen, held and loved.
All was perfect.
 Before me other Earthlings began to emerge accompanied by their canine companions, all enjoying a morning walk along the oceans edge.
 Starting my day in company of such stillness opens my soul to merge with the boundless love that embraces me continually, without such encounters my earthly life would be empty.
 Remembering our Mother is intrinsic to me, has always been, never have I forsaken her astounding beauty as it spreads out in the wilderness, in the past I have often wondered why I chose to incarnate in this day and age, in a society so disconnected from their roots, in a callous and selfish materialistic world. 
Whatever the reason is, it is irrelevant, for, I chose this life, this story with knowing of my differences to those around me.

Having distanced myself from the disconnected human race I watch the world pass me by, a society that is alien to me, a society in pain.
 Spending the rest of my day once again encircled in the embrace of my urban retreat I spent the day in hushed calmness, occasionally playing one of singing or healing bowls to deepen the clarifying of my body. 
 Sitting in silence gifts me simplicity.
It bestows me with blessings far beyond mortal comprehension.
It takes me Home.
 Sitting in the stillness of myself,
 asking for nothing, 
needing nothing,
I am bequeathed everything.....................

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