Monday, November 14, 2011


 Concluding my four day retreat with a new and vibrant energy I have felt as if I have unfolded, my Light radiating forth, having shed the former self, a new and zestful Gemel now gazes back at me.
Returning to the world today I was greeted by comments of how happy, healthy and joyous I looked, my inner light beaming as I rejoined society.
Having pledged my intent for the remaining chapters of my story I opened myself to the purging required to initiate the changes, by cutting out all processed foods and beverages I deepened the impact of this vow.
Something deep within had been calling, begging me to return to the ways of my ancestors, the way of the Earth, and, even though I had been living a very centred and mellow life I felt that deep inner changes where eminent. 
A sense of mystical presence lingers in the air, my body buzzing as I adjust to the new frequency circulating within me, preparing me for the adventures ahead...................

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