Sunday, November 13, 2011


 Ending the second day of my retreat with a session of sound healing was superb.
For most it was an auspicious day given the date was 11.11.11
for me though it was 
White Planetary Wizard
a day which infused a magical influx of new crystalline energy to the planet no matter what date you thought it to be.

 Leaving my secluded den of repose felt somewhat alien to me as I headed south in my car, the hour long drive done so in an altered state of awareness.
Having not ventured out into the throngs of society I felt as if I were in a dream, pushed along the freeway in a silent bubble of protection I viewed the world with heightened sight.
 As an array of instruments was played over my body I opened myself to the endlessness of the Universe.
To the totality of myself, feeling the truth of myself expanding out into the eternalness of forever.
Returning home after this regenerating energetic purification I drifted along feeling my energy body radiating, singing to the melodies of the Universe, merged completely, balanced and absolutely connected to Source.............. 

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