Sunday, November 13, 2011

As I Headed........

 As I headed towards the beach yesterday morning the waves of resonance could still be felt tingling throughout my body.
Alert and beholding the world with new sight I stopped to admire those sharing my world.
 Out for a morning stroll two Pink and Grey Galahs moseying along in the quietude of morning.
This scene filled my heart, a smile dancing across my face as I watched these two love birds sauntering along.
 Walking in the world viewing the gifts of nature opens me more to myself, as the depth of unconditional love that vibrates back to me showers me with never-ending gratitude for my ability to see through the eyes of truth.
Glimpsing other aspects of myself experiencing this realm of form in so many diverse ways is reassuring.  
 In the glorious display of 'life' around me I am shown the unvarnished point of existence.
Love emanates around me continually.
In the birds
the trees
is conclusively everywhere.
 From simple morning walks in the chilly morning light.
 To midday splashes through the tepid waters, in each moment of all existence, love is ever present.
 Getting caught up in the illusion of reality has created a mass disconnection from Source, as the powers that be do not wish to have a 'happy' race of humans.
The time has come for us to recall the nature of love, to look around us and see our Earth Mother and the destruction humanity is causing her. 
 Living life by honouring myself and my interconnectedness to All is my only truth.
I do not crave fame or fortune, I do not require things or relationships to bring a song to my heart, fullness comes from the bounty of my gift of Oneness, listeing the truth spoken within my heart.
 As my road snakes out before me I feel the flow of spontaneity surging out in front of me, I do not wish for anything, as all I require will simply gravitate towards me.
In perfect time
In the perfect place. 
 Spending the rest of the day relaxing in the warm springtime sun I opened myself to the contentment within.
A fulfilment of contentment comes from the acceptance of my own sovereignty, the sovereignty of All.   
Each of us is a precious gem, a sparkling and pristine prism of divine light hidden within the confines of a mortal body, slumbering to the reality of our own majestic radiance.
The time has come to look deep within, to open your eyes to the brilliant truth that lies sleeping within............ 

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