Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Light Beings-Carriers Of Love

A Magical Energy......

 A magical energy entwines itself around me, sitting in the warm afternoon sunshine watching the perfumed smoke of incense rising leads me to a place of open tranquillity.
Many mysterious happenings are weaving their way into my days, subtle synchronicities that baffle me with their appearance.

 Reflections of the enchantment I sense are everywhere.
From the delicate beauty of this majestic Dragonfly, resting, it's gossamer wings glittering and twinkling in the soft summer light.
To the pristine perfection of this precious new leaf.
Finding Source is not difficult, for it is everywhere.
Taking the time to be still enough to see it, is the only challenge.................

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Forgiveness ends the dream of conflict..............

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Happy Kitty.......

 A happy kitty, never has enough shoes.

 To cuddle and kick.

 To smooch and to roll.

 Pixie has found kitty heaven................

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eddie Izzard- Death Star Canteen

Eddie Izzard-Cake or Death

Hmm, What's That.......

 Hmm, what's that?
A fly!
 Tarmal always has an ear open to new sounds, even when I think he is sound asleep he will stir at the slightest noise.
 Even a lone fly.
 Unlike his siblings Tarmie really does investigate the world thoroughly, which is not always a good idea, given his allergic reaction to a bee earlier in the year, which resulted in a mercy dash to the vets, bless his inquisitive soul! 
 But, I have to admit, his curiosity really does keep me entertained.
 For, he is completely and utterly focused on the subject of his attention for the duration, nothing tears him away from the action, not even my giggling!
 Although, judging by this look, Master T is not impressed with me laughing at his antics..............

One Year Ago.......

 One year ago I began a new chapter of my story here, where, for the first five weeks I was the only person living on the street.
It was a strange time, I felt as if I were living on the moon, not a soul was seen, nor a sound heard.
 Everything was dry, barren and ever so hot, the sun beating in as I waited for tradesmen to fit the curtains, there was no respite from the heat, and nowhere to retreat outside as the sandy pit I had for a back garden was hardly inviting.
 Spending many days sitting and contemplating what I wanted to create came slowly, many ideas toyed with, many suggestions heard as others came and offered their insight, however, suddenly inspiration hit, and the search was on for the right paver's for the look I envisaged. 
 With the paving laid, the garden slowly began to grow, little by little I gathered plants to help me achieve the tropical jungle hideaway I wished to create, which would double as a feline playground for my three furry charges.
 Enduring the relentless heat of summer I began planting in March, no easy task, often the holes needed for one plant alone would take me an hour or more to dig, the ground like concrete, huge hidden lumps of limestone made my progress slow, sweat dripping off me I did at times wonder why I did not do what the rest of the street had done, get landscapers in!
 On and on I plodded, weekend after weekend spent digging and planting one day, spending the next day recovering from the intensity of the labour.
 Saving the front until last I remember the feeling as the last plant was carefully placed into position, all that remained for me to do now was nurture my new little garden. 

And now after the first winter I am happily content with my blossoming oasis.
 Everything is flourishing, and the love I pour into my garden shines back to greet me each time I arrive home.
 Swaying grasses and the scent of garlic drifting on the breeze, sugar cane mulch protects them all from the hot easterly winds that are beginning to blow, heralding the approach of another summer. 
 The hibiscus tree growing taller each day, by summers end I trust she would have filled out enough to offer shade from the burning sun.
 The birds of paradise under the windows surging upward, their massive leaves spreading out to offer  shade to the front bedrooms, leaving dancing patterns of light across the carpet that entice the cats to play.
 Soon the fragrance of frangipani will waft in through to open windows as a mass of buds wait to unfold, the ornamental grasses and ginseng flourish also.

But, it is the back garden that has really transformed itself, my vision beginning to take form.
 Everything is so green and vibrant.
 There is nothing like the shimmering green that comes with new growth, vibrant new life oozing positivity out towards me.
 As each day brings yet another new bloom, I am so delighted with the array of colour, having mixed colours and textures to achieve an interesting and perfumed plot.
 Insects abound here, and so many new species I have not seen before visit, each day I search for newcomers hidden amongst the foliage.
 The gaps between the plants are lessening, which gives the cats many places to play, and to slumber, but this is making my vigilant watch over them a little difficult as they can now be hard to find. 

 Returning home is always such a pleasure, a surge of warmth always fills my heart as I enter the courtyard, the love within these four walls beams it's way directly within my soul.
 Most of all I just like to sit. 
To watch the microscopic world of mystery unfolding around me.

 I am still hunting for a just the right vase or statue so I can complete the water feature, however, there is no rush, it will appear when the time is right, then the relaxing sound of trickling water will enhance the already opulent feel.
 As the days become warmer the scents the flowers mingle together.
 And the wind plays a chorus as rustling leaves each sound their own melody.
 I never thought I would find such fulfilment here in this little house, as I really did not embrace the idea of settling in Australia, yet, now, this miniature slice of Gaia has wound its way into my heart.  
 For in the beauty of the garden I feel safe, seen and totally embraced.
 For it is here that I see miracles unfold each and every day.
 Purity and holiness exist in abundance here, everything in balance.
 Harmoniously merging together as One.
 Could it be after years of searching, I have indeed found my way home...........