Sunday, October 02, 2011

With Warm Sunshine......

 With warm sunshine streaming into the house I decided to take myself out for breakfast yesterday as a rare treat.
I felt infused with vibrant radiant energy after my long morning meander.
 There is something about walking along the seaside, it absolves my soul and renews my spirit.
 Being a little early for my chosen eatery I stopped to admire the local scenery.
 Watching the waves zooming in to shore, there was an eerie calm to the waters here, something seemed to be lingering in the air.
 This beach is a short drive from my usual ocean playground, sitting here I decided that I might just explore it today, giving me new untamed grounds to idly stroll along.
 And in the warmer months a perfect place to snorkel, as long as I am mindful of the currents and the rocks.
 Heading towards the warmth of my car I pondered on the clear path ahead of me, which direction will my journey take me on tomorrow.........

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