Sunday, October 30, 2011

Whose Room Is This..............

 Whose room is this anyway? 
I often myself ask this question, by day Tarmal like to slumber here, allowing the hours to float by as he stretches out in complete comfort.
Ignoring my presence as I flit about doing what a human does, often lifting his head as it say "oh, do be quiet!"
 By night however, Spirit takes reign over 'the' bed sprawling out on 'my' side!
Pixie nestles close by waiting for cuddle time which is our special girlie time when I finally slide in between the covers.
This week though we had a change of circumstance, which, did not impress Master Spirit one iota!
We had house guests for a couple of nights, and, seeing as there were two of them and one of me, I gave my (cats) room for them to use.

This caused no end of fun during the night, which, I might add I missed as I was happily sleeping in 'the cats' room, being use to their nocturnal antics I heard nothing.
It all started when my guests decided to close the bedroom door, Spirit was not having that, so proceeded to scratch and bang on the door until they opened it, then from all accounts the three of them then played chase up and down the corridor for a period of time.
Deciding enough was enough, my guests closed the door again, and luckily had a few hours kip before Spirit was at it again.
Bang, scratch, bang.
They opened the door once again and told him to be quiet, in very polite terms they did insist, did he? 
Hmm no.
His next ploy of annoyance was to get inside their baggage and rustle around looking for anything of interest, finding a plastic bag he proceeded to go inside it and turn around a few times just for fun of course, which had my two guests laughing at his curiosity and his determination at getting his own way. 

Thankfully he decided that enough fun was had and came to snuggled with me around 6am all innocence and light, bless him.
When we all got up later that morning my guests came out of their room running up and down the hallway, poking Spirit, shouting at him asking if he was enjoying his sleep.
For a moment I thought they had lost the plot, until that is, I was told what he had been up to during the wee small hours!
Once I found out what had happened we could not stop laughing.
Thankfully though, the novelty had worn off by the second night and Spirit joined his siblings snuggling with me, not a purr was heard, all night long...................... 


MaddieW said...

NAWWW, what cuties, Spirit, hahahaha, Milky does somthign like that, id put him in my room and go to sleep and 5 min later hei sscrathing at my posters to yet me to drag myself up and out of my warm bed and go open the door for him :P

our cats are both very cheeky,


luksky said...

Too funny! Lately, my big boy bulldog has decided that he likes my spot on the sofa, which is where I find him every morning when I come downstairs. Gotta love those pets!!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh they sure take over don't they, when I had Lily, she went from being a stray cat for I don't know how long, to sleeping sprawled out on my bed, I loved her! They certainly got up to some mischief that first night. I really love your beach shots Gemel, was trying to figure out where they were, was it Sorrento Beach or Burns Beach? We are so lucky with all this on our doorstep.