Friday, October 07, 2011

To Give Love Is....

 To give love is to receive love
You don't have to fight for it
Manipulate for it
Beg for it
Try for it
Buy it

Simply live your life offering love through every action, never thinking of what is in any given situation for yourself, for in the selfless act of giving from the heart, all returns to you.
As I meditated upon the Universe directing me to aid the injured Cockatoo yesterday I was able to view myself with clarity, for I was guided to be in that particular place at that moment to allow love to be present in the passing of another.
In that precious second of transition I once again felt such calmness, an overwhelming presence of love, and once again I knew that I was destined to be there, it was all part of my story.

Waking this morning I feel a deep and sonorous happiness within me, a love of life so intense I began to laugh with joy as my feline family strode in to greet me, how blessed I am to reside in a home so full with unconditional love.

Radiate love
Feel love
Speak love
Give love

There is no room in your hearts for anger, hatred, resentment, control, fear, jealousy, grief.
Allow them to dissipate into the past, allowing the beauty of love to surround you.............. 

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