Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Surrounded By Love.............

 Surrounded by love as I ambled along in the afternoon sun, thoroughly enjoying myself as I splashed in the salty water, a cleansing way to end my day. 
 As always I had the beach pretty much to myself, it always amazes me how deserted this area of coastline is, especially now the spring is here.
 Being mindful as I strode through the water after the sighting of the dying sea snake a few weeks ago I now know that little surprises may lurk in the drying weed, hence I am a little more aware of where I place my feet, there where a few dying jellyfish laying on the sand I had no intentions of stepping on one, I did so a couple of summers ago and ended up being stung, not pleasant I can tell you.  
 A little ahead of me I spotted this seagull, I was trying to zoom in to see what it was that he had caught for his tea, yet he kept his distance, I feel he was a little annoyed at my approach, bless his soul.

 Each time I got too close he flew off again.

 Finally though, he must have thought he best eat his prize before it got away, I was amazed, it was there one minute, then gone the next!
 With a satisfied tummy, and what looks like a smile on his face,
 it was time to head home.
 I do so adore to watch birds taking off, such effortless grace, such a beautiful sight to witness.
Oh to fly and soar with such elegance, silently gliding above the world.

 I have not been venturing to this beach for a full year yet, and I must say I have been surprised at how much of the sand has washed away, the northern part of my summer walks is now not accessible, the beach gone completely, in its place sharp and treacherous rocks.

 It will be interesting to see if Mother Nature will restore the sandy playground for the summer months, or, whether this is the beginning of her reclaiming the lands once again.................


PerthDailyPhoto said...

It's so amazing to see the seagulls eat such huge things with such ease, they must have a very big gullet! Lovely beach shots Gemel, I'm determined to go down to the beach more this year.

luksky said...

Beautiful beach!! You make me miss the ocean