Thursday, October 06, 2011

Spreading Joy.....

Spreading joy and love brings such fulfilment to the soul and of course to the others who cross our paths.
All it takes to radiate this  vibration is peace within yourself.
In the past few days in various encounters, with my clients, shop keepers, family and random strangers I have been inundated with smiles and words of heartfelt gratitude for simply being Gemel.
Finding the space within that radiates your inner equilibrium is not difficult, all it takes is for you to be mindful of each thought and emotion that enters your body/mind, editing those of a negative nature, realising that to invite love into your life, you have to be love, in every single second of the day.
The greatest gifts come in the simplest of forms.
A smile
A touch
An embrace
A word of love from a stranger..............

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