Saturday, October 08, 2011

Morning Merriment........

 Morning merriment was oozing from our quite slice of heaven as the light begun to illuminate the dawn sky.

 Rarely do they have the chance to romp around outside in the stillness and darkness of dawn given that I leave for work before the sun rises.

 Postponing breakfast I opened the doors instead so that they may experience a different aspect of their garden paradise.
 Flashes of white brightened the scene, the nocturnal visitors a little different form those that Tarmal is use to chasing.
 There had also been rain during the night, and the scent of burning wood hung in the air, all these conditions offering new tantalising aromas for the cats to savour.
 The calmness of the morning wrapping round me, nuzzling me with its bounty of peace, perhaps in preparation for the day ahead.
 Sitting hushed, and silent content in the embrace of the Universe I allowed myself to meld into the energy snaking its way within my heart.............

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MaddieW said...

awww Tim Tam is adorable :)
golly u get up so early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes i think we shall :0)
hav a great day <3