Thursday, October 13, 2011

Listening To.....

 Listening to the signals in my body is how I know a change in perspective is required, a few months ago I was headed down a path that was not in harmony with my soul, during this time I had digestive problems and a mysterious injury to one of my knees.
At the time, although I knew the root cause for these 'misalignments'  I attempted to invent scenarios to explain them, instead of dealing with the issue in question.
As the drama played itself out, so too did the 'illnesses' disappearing completely from my body as if they never existed at al!

In both cases initially I acted out of ego, thinking that something was seriously wrong, instead of listening to what my heart was telling me and dealing with the situation at hand.
Often, in hindsight is it easy to see how blatantly obvious the solution was, but, like most lessons I had to work the energy through, allow the scenes to be played, hence granting the release.

Since validating the choices I made as being the ones my heart spoke of and both misalignments having totally disappeared, all within is in perfect harmony.
All as it should be.
The inner workings of my internal world always gives me insight to what is not in sync with the well being of my mortal body, although, sometimes it takes me a little while to actually listen to what I am being told!

As life returns to a  balanced and composed rhythm, my equilibrium restored I acknowledge the endowment of  this bequest.
There are no mistakes, there are no wrong turns, there just is.................


luksky said...

A neighbor asked me the other day what I took for colds. I told her I don't take medication because I never get sick.

I agree wholeheartidly. When the soul is well, so is the body.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I agree Gemel, look after the soul and the body benefits also.