Monday, October 17, 2011

In The Quiet.............

In the quiet hours of Sunday morning our John Boy made his way home.
His battle over, his soul now at peace.
Surrounded by love, both by those present in the room and also by many others close by and across the continent who woke just before his passing, joining him at this most sacred time.

Outside in the darkness a lone magpie began to warble, his beautiful song highlighted as a shooting star flashed across the sky, a sign he was now on his way to begin anew.
Acknowledging his beginning we all knew with compete certainty that he now surrounded us everywhere, in the wind, the stars, the birds and the trees, he was now in all we viewed.

As the hints of dawn began to paint the sky in delicate tones of peach we all waited to view the rising of the sun, knowing that today, John was the Sun we stood each in our own private thoughts, sharing this profoundly moving experience.

Around us there was such an boundless peace, as tears came and went, we all embraced the beauty in  the rising of the Sun, as each filament of Light beamed towards us, we now knew he merged with all of us, bonding us as One.

Peace and love filled the house it echoed in the leaves as they danced in the morning light, then a chorus of birds singing in the distance enhanced this unbelievable moment, it was divine perfection.

Standing in the silence we decided that we would end the day together watching the Sun set at John's favourite beach.

 As we gathered to honour his life and his transition to spirit there was a joyous atmosphere that cocooned us.
 The whole day had had such a surreal tone to it, all of us mourning his physical departure, whilst celebrating the endlessness of his new chapter.
 Even though the beach was crowed with people enjoying the late afternoon heat, we were given space and respect as the crowd picked up on our need for peace an unspoken knowing that distance was required.
 Sitting here as the Sun retreated we watched the glorious closing of this poignant day.
A day that gifted us all with so much as we released a loved one back home.
It will be a cherished day for all of us, for as we approached this passage with positivity, love and peace, it ensured such a poetic passing, one of great tranquillity. 
 Watching the water flying high into the air we all laughed feeling John's essence in the droplets as they leaped high into the air.
 For now he is free, his pain relinquished.
He is boundless and eternal.
 As our tears come and go, we realize the importance of mourning his physical presence, although we all accept without the slightest doubt that now he is with each of us always.
 As the Sun sank from view an angelic stillness settled around us, confirmation of his joyous reunion in the blissful realm of infinity.............


Mo said...

Sorry for your loss

Gemel said...

Thank you Mo, he is peaceful now, and that in turn gives us peace.


so very sorry, dear gemel - but thankful that he has now found peace without tribulation - and peace to all his loved ones - hugs -

Arti said...

What a tribute. Heart felt, you expressed your feelings nicely.

Gemel said...

Thank you both.

MaddieW said...

Gem, i am so sorry, i hope you are okay and doing well

hope to see you son

love always

Maddie xoxooxoxxxx

Gemel said...

Thanks Maddie ♥

magiceye said...

so sorry to hear about your loss..

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Beautiful tribute to your friend Gemel, I'm both happy and sad for you, I'm sure you'll understand what I mean. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Very sad Gem - I know from when we spoke recently, how you felt...

So sad, but a release from his pain for you all.


Gemel said...

Thank you E, he was an amazing person, a bringer of joy, a connector of people, bless his heart, he is now peacefully eternal PPLP ♥