Saturday, October 01, 2011

Honouring The Dawn.....

 Honouring the dawn with a murder of crows seemed a rather precious way to begin my day, rarely have I seen crows frolicking amongst the sand dunes and seaweed, yet watching them as we all waited for the Sun to rise was such a gift. 

 As the moment of sunrise drew nearer more arrived to settled down to witness and celebrate the beginning of a new day.

 I am always aware of the bird folk paying homage to our life giving solar orb as I drive to work each morning, to sit within their presence as I too acknowledged the miracle of life was an exclusive  experience.

 The intrinsic calling that beckons us to sit in dedicated silence drew us here to share this intimate moment, as One we join in mutual gratitude of our beloved Creator, again I pondered how the dance of the Universe had entwined us all to be here Now, a magical spell of spirit and matter drawing us together.

 Watching them fly away I sat warmed from the bounty of this encounter, feeling fortunate to have shared my morning in such a beautiful way.

Continuing along the deserted beach I was then greeted by a mob of galahs, their playful antics invited me to sit and watch as they cavorted amongst the brush. 

 They are such comical birds to watch, they waddle along chatting away to each other, such joyful creatures, playful and loving as they searched for tasty breakfast treats.

 With a smile plastered on my face I sat entranced by the vision before me, two encounters of sacredness within minutes of each other bestowed upon me had me humbled by the blessing of such hallowed occasions.

 It is the simple moments in life that brings love forth, no amount of things or money could possibly offer me what I recieved from these two priceless encounters...................

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PerthDailyPhoto said...

You really were lucky Gemel, I've never seen galahs on the beach before, many in my back garden when they come to feed, but not on the beach, really lovely pictures.