Monday, October 10, 2011


 Craving strawberries the other day inspired me to purchase a strawberry pot and plant my own little berry patch.
I have often passed these pots in the nursery, yet, for some reason have never felt inclined to having one, until now that is!
 Choosing an array of plants to fill the pot, I ended up with four different varieties, I am now eagerly awaiting the first ripe fruits to appear offering their boon of succulent sweetness to my kitchen.
 With the weather warming up now my garden is turning into a colour filled area of enchantment, as dew drops lingered on the petals of this hibiscus I sat for a period of time just studying its ethereal charm.
 Colour is infusing the garden with a different personalty now, each shade brings with it a new perspective to our tiny slice of Gaia.

With many plants still yet to grace us with the beauty of their blooms I become ever so excited as soon as I notice new buds appearing.
My one and only rose bush has at last began to unfurl its precious prize, the scent of this particular rose is heavenly, soon its perfume will linger in the warm spring air.
 I am trusting by the end of summer much of the bland grey fence will have disappeared from view, in its place a display of various shrubs, grasses and trees will adorn my secret garden filling it with their splendid presence. 
 Having applied a new layer of sugar cane mulch yesterday there is nothing much else for me to do in the garden, except of course to relax and enjoy the rustling leaves blowing softly in the wind, a melody of sleep inducing pleasure...............


MaddieW said...

AWWWWWW Pretty garden :)

Natalie said...

Hi Gemel,
Thanks for popping in for a visit. I am swamped atm with so many struggles. I just have no real energy to write or read. I have been popping into Tand R's because that is where everyone is, and it saves me time. I am sending love to you, the kitties and the strawbs. YUMMO!