Thursday, October 06, 2011

Assisting The Transition...........

 Assisting the transition between one realm and an another appears to be my destined vocation.
On the way home from work this afternoon the car in front of me hit a Black Cockatoo, such as the two pictured above.
Of course the said driver just kept going, not offering one thought to the transcending bird left on the road.
These beautiful beings have enough to contend with, what with poaching for prized pets, the disappearance of their natural habitat, they also have to deal with the humanization of their homes and thoughtless drivers too.

 As I stopped my car in a precarious position I never really gave a thought to my own safety, all I was focusing upon was this precious being laying injured on the road. 
 As I gentley lifted the frail body from the road, I was beeped at and abused, everyone oblivious to the sacredness of the life I held in my hands.
How callous the human race is, all life other than that of the human (in most cases) is viewed as worthless.
How wrong they all are!
As I cradled this delicate creature in my hands its family flew above my head calling out, as they spoke, so did the one in my hands.

 Carrying this precious being to the safety of a grassed area away from the road I knelt with it, one hand behind it's head, the other on it's heart.
All else faded into nothingness, there was only us.

 During the whole time I was assisting this bird it's family remained, they called in such a manner it made me cry, they swept down above my head watching what I was doing, they had lost a loved one.
For those of you who think that animals/birds/fish/reptiles are dumb stupid creatures just stop at the death scene of one of these beings and you will change your view.
The gift of life is sacred no matter what species you are,  and the loss of a loved one is mourned in the same manner..................... 


luksky said...

The Universe must have given you the job of leading the animals into the next realm because you are expert at it. ;-)

MaddieW said...

Oh Gemmel!
thats so sad, this is making me cry too
you are so kind, to risk your own life for the poor bird :(
actually this has made me think if next time i see a bird being hit, i will get out of the car and help it, even if i think it is passed already.
Well Done Gem :)
p.s cannot wait to see to tomorrow :), mum said if you wanted me to come over, sleepover or visit, to call her soon, but only if you want me. :)

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh how sad Gemel, I understand totally what you mean, I had to watch once in my own garden as a Peregrine Falcon devoured a Butcher bird (I came into the scene too late the poor little thing was almost nothing but feathers by the time I arrived) But it's parents were sitting on the electricity line screaming and swooping, but he wa just too powerful. Broke my heart to watch them..btw I've never seen black parrots before are they rare?

ioan moldovan said...

Superbe! Imi plac foarte mult!