Monday, October 31, 2011

An Invasion Of.........

 An invasion of Common Hover Flies has Tarmal dashing around the garden in constant pursuit of these helpful little beings.
Hover Flies look a little like Wasps, but without a sting, they are fabulous to have in the garden as the adults feed on nectar and help to pollinate the flowers, whilst the larvae feed on aphids, which may be the reason my one and only rose has not one aphid dwelling on it.
Anyway, Master T just does not know which way to turn.

 With his gaze fixed on the flowers he was transfixed by the hovering visitors as they happily went about their business.
 Working out there was a better vantage point to view the action he climbed up to take a closer look.
 He was very cautious as he slowly tiptoed closer and closer.
 Careful not to alert them of his approach, I was wondering though whether he recalled his encounter with a bee late last autumn and was not keen for a repeat performance.
 Stretching out as much as he could he slowly raised a paw and took a tentative swipe,of course they all flew off swiftly leaving him stood there empty pawed!
 Apparently, they are not as much fun as chasing butterflies, and he lost interest completely after this one failed attempt.
 Deciding there was better things to do.
 Like settle down on his favourite chair,
and watch the world drift by...................

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Whose Room Is This..............

 Whose room is this anyway? 
I often myself ask this question, by day Tarmal like to slumber here, allowing the hours to float by as he stretches out in complete comfort.
Ignoring my presence as I flit about doing what a human does, often lifting his head as it say "oh, do be quiet!"
 By night however, Spirit takes reign over 'the' bed sprawling out on 'my' side!
Pixie nestles close by waiting for cuddle time which is our special girlie time when I finally slide in between the covers.
This week though we had a change of circumstance, which, did not impress Master Spirit one iota!
We had house guests for a couple of nights, and, seeing as there were two of them and one of me, I gave my (cats) room for them to use.

This caused no end of fun during the night, which, I might add I missed as I was happily sleeping in 'the cats' room, being use to their nocturnal antics I heard nothing.
It all started when my guests decided to close the bedroom door, Spirit was not having that, so proceeded to scratch and bang on the door until they opened it, then from all accounts the three of them then played chase up and down the corridor for a period of time.
Deciding enough was enough, my guests closed the door again, and luckily had a few hours kip before Spirit was at it again.
Bang, scratch, bang.
They opened the door once again and told him to be quiet, in very polite terms they did insist, did he? 
Hmm no.
His next ploy of annoyance was to get inside their baggage and rustle around looking for anything of interest, finding a plastic bag he proceeded to go inside it and turn around a few times just for fun of course, which had my two guests laughing at his curiosity and his determination at getting his own way. 

Thankfully he decided that enough fun was had and came to snuggled with me around 6am all innocence and light, bless him.
When we all got up later that morning my guests came out of their room running up and down the hallway, poking Spirit, shouting at him asking if he was enjoying his sleep.
For a moment I thought they had lost the plot, until that is, I was told what he had been up to during the wee small hours!
Once I found out what had happened we could not stop laughing.
Thankfully though, the novelty had worn off by the second night and Spirit joined his siblings snuggling with me, not a purr was heard, all night long...................... 

The Call...............

 The call of the water beckoned a second time yesterday, this time though, I headed to a new span of pristine white beach, to explore, two hours of absolute bliss.

Even though it was early afternoon, again I had the beach all to myself, the gentle breeze taking the edge of the midday heat.

 As I strolled along I was immersed in the aura of the scene, walking in paradise, untouched by the destruction of humanity. 
 Walking along in bashful silence I felt seen by a host of watchful eyes, observed as I walked seemingly alone.

 Perhaps it is because in the solitude of natures retreat I am apart of all I view, there is no separation, I do not end, I simply Am, extending on and on into the endlessness of this marvellous Universe, entwined within each wave of energy that resonates around me.
 Stroll with me now, silently we walk as our feet delicately splash in the cool water, feeling it merge within us, uniting us as One...................... 

Stepping Into The......

 Stepping into the feeling of summer, with the arrival of the first easterly winds greeting me as I woke yesterday morning, knowing that this means that the ocean would be calm I set off on a pre-breakfast stroll.

After months of tempestuous weather I had began to limit my beach side walks as the ferocity of the winds and the loss of shoreline due to the winter tides often hampered my access to my seaside playground.

Standing here and viewing the vista before me filled me with an immense tranquillity, I had forgotten how amazing this stretch of coastline is in the warmer months.
A group of shags were diving as shoals of tiny fish swam in the shallow waters, a gourmet feast to break their fast.

Frolicking in the water were two Irish Setters, so joyful as they ran and splashed, chasing each other up and down the beach.

Happiness just oozed from them as they zoomed past me returning to their humans.

Continuing on my way I was lost in the beauty surrounding me, a deserted endless beach that stretches on and on no mater which way I cast my gaze.

As always I was amazed that few feel the draw of this spectacular coastline, especially on such a delightful morning.

Heading back towards my waiting car I noticed that I was now able to continue my amble further north on the beach, this more interesting part had been cut off during the stormy winter months as the waves thrashed the rocky reefs.

Continuing along this harsh stretch of beach I sat for awhile just watching the water as it splashed over the rocks, lulling me with its hypnotic rhythm.

Words are not always required, simply the magic of the world is enough to spread the love I feel within.
The love that surrounds us all if you take the time to leave the dysfunctional 'modern' world behind.

I maybe part of this broken world, but I am not part of it.
My detachment to society is what keeps me grounded, my excursions into nature the only truth of this realm.

Heading home I took with me the truth of authentic peace.
A peace that comes from All That Is.
A peace that radiates from every atom of my being...............