Sunday, September 25, 2011

With The Equinox.....

 With the equinox now passed spring has finally sprung!
 With the garden newly planted just prior to the winter rains I am rather excited to view the colours bursting into our intimate domain.
 There are pinks and reds brightening our tiny slice of heaven.
 Splashes so vibrant that I can only image what it will look like in a few weeks once the growth spurts begin. 
 Even the grasses hold tiny jewels hidden within their lush foliage, minute bursts of purple hiding from view.
This plant I feel is the most exotic, even though it is a native to the area, it's flowers a beacon for the local birds and insects to feast on when the little feline ones are safely contained inside..................

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luksky said...

So close, but yet so far away. It's awesome for me to think that there is another part of the world with a completely different time zone and season than my own. The vastness of it all is amazing to me.