Tuesday, September 27, 2011

With Another.....

 With another storm front blowing in this afternoon the ferocity of the winds were building in their intensity as the weather worsened. 
 Being an adventurer, Tarmie thought that he would join his brother and brave the gusty winds, until that is, the magnitude of the gales strengthened and he ran for cover.  
 First he sought refuge under the grasses near to a very calm and tranquil Spirit, however, that did not last long, it all got too much for him and he shot inside to warmth and safety.

The contrast between Spirit the ex-street cat and Tarmal and Pixie who only have ever ventured out into our little courtyard for the last few months is quite transfixing, everything to them is new and wildly stimulating, each day they view their world with mesmerising attentiveness, with an amused Spirit always close by observing his siblings, properly wondering what on earth they are doing. 
 Once again in the comfort of his fortress he settled down quickly, joining his sister in viewing the storm from a dry  and quieter vantage point................


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Love that cat's always find the cozy places in the cold weather, great pictures of Tarmal making a beeline for cover, it sure was wet and windy. Loved it because like your companions I was snug and warm too.

Naturegirl said...

Upon first glance of the imge with flags blowing I wondered how brave is that cat to be sitting there!Mine would head for the house and I see with "ears back" yours did also.
When a storm is brewing outside the indoor cats here run under the bed never to be seen until the storm passes!
Now that I am living in the woodlands my cats NEVER get outside..to raw and natural..I'd lose them for sure so they perch on the window sills and behind screen door.Purr-Zzz =^+^=

potty breaks said...

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