Monday, September 12, 2011

When We Created The World.....

It was lonely being the only One
And so I made two.
And then there was you.
You were so beautiful with your eyes of innocence but I loved you from afar and yet, so very near, and I loved you in ways you could not comprehend.
You did not know I was watching through the eyes of every person you met, nor could you hear my voice in the wind.
You thought that the Earth was just dirt and rocks, you did not realise it was my body.
When you slept, we would meet in your heart, and make love with our Spirits as One.
We would birth new worlds and such passion.
But when you awake, you remembered nothing.
You thought is was just a dreams
It was just another day alone.
But in your heart I wait for you, my love, forever.
For the truth of our Love and Oneness will always be.
Our love is the matrix of All That Is.
In your heart I will always await thee, in the place that is small.

2003 Drunvalo


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I thought so too Mo, which is why I shared it..