Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What If......

What if just for today you chose God as your truth?
That just for today you acknowledge his presence in everything you encounter.
In the faces you pass on the street his love twinkles back from their eyes.
In the birds gliding overhead he resides in every perfect feather.
He is in the gun that is pointed in anger in the wars occurring all over the planet, for it is not he who takes aim, that is one of his unconscious children, sleeping from the truth of reality programmed into fighting another man's war.
He is in the propaganda of the media and politics, who spread fear, hatred and self loathing across the globe to maintain a society based in fear, for there is no profit in peace.
He is the lies, deception and control running rampant in the churches throughout the world, who too use fear to control their masses, keeping their congregations locked in an endless battle of finding their peace, their truth, told that sins need to be forgiven, that they are not holy, yet Holy is what we all are, each and every last one of us.
He is in those who bring dis-harmony and dysfunction into your story, for although they are apart of you, they are sleeping to the truth of their divinity, send them your forgiveness, send them your love, for they are only acting out the pain of their own story, they have not yet gazed into the mirror and seen who lives within.
God is in every atom that creates this world. 
It is not he who cause the mayhem, hatred and destruction upon this planet, it is those who walk the Earth in fear, and in these angry souls he resides too, always bestowing his love upon them, knowing that they too one day, will see his truth.
He is in the trees, insects, grasses, there is nowhere He is not present.
For you only need sit, still and silent.
And in this stillness you will feel His presence, it pulsates within you, and all around you, connecting you to absolutely everything you walk upon, touch, see and hear.
There is nothing that is not of God.
What if just for today you chose God as your truth....................

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