Saturday, September 10, 2011

Well Not.......

Well not just one spoiled rotten cat, three very indulged felines to be precise.  
 Having a gentle start to my day is always welcomed on my two days off, although the others in the house do not understand the word weekend!
Spirit has a built in alarm clock, he knows when it 04:30 my usual time of rising, and as expected he starts the morning ritual of waking me up, first he tried the sitting on his haunches and tapping the en suite door, at this point the first pillow is thrown!  
After running off to avoid contact with the pillow he returns to try again.
This time he decides on swiping at the palm leaves as he knows this is a most irritating sound, hence pillow two heads his way. 
Of course the pillows never hit him, and I swear he smirks to himself as he trots off to think of the next tactic he will employ.
He usually leaves the best till last, jumping up on the bed and pressing his cold wet nose on mine whilst purring away noisily.
In the meantime Tarmal and Pixie have began a game of chase under, over and  around the bed, which I am sure Spirit has instructed them to do, making sure that sleeping is something I will be doing any longer this morning.
 Getting out of bed every morning would have to be the most precious time of my day, as my three little
companions are simply oozing love and affection as soon as my feet hit the floor.
Purrs, meows, caresses the three of them making sure that they let me know how happy they are to see me awake, and more importantly heading for the kitchen, where hungry tummies will be filled.

Yes, think it is very plain to see who runs this house, three very spoilt rotten cats............


holdingmoments said...

Just typical of felines! lol
They allow us to live with them ;-)

I have the same issues with my dog Jim; he wakes me, without fail, at 4 a.m.
How can you be angry at such loving animals?

Gemel said...

Yes they do, I always say, that dogs have owners, cats have staff!

Can't be angry with them at all, bless their wee souls..

Craig said...

That's funny Gemel. I wonder where cats and dogs get their built in alarm from? Our Boris knows his meal times to almost the second!

Gemel said...

Wish I knew too...