Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We Are Never......

 We are never just observers in life, even in the act of sitting in stillness doing something as simple as watching a butterfly glide through the air, our emotions alter the world, not just our personal world, but the whole of humanity, and the endlessness of the universe.
 With quantum physics and spirituality now merging we have what many required, physical proof that  thoughts are things, emotions too create a whole lot more than most give would give credit to.
As a people we have to return to the language of the heart.
This is the language of peace, of true love, and it is from this returning that humanity will be freed from the disconnection in which it now resides.
My studies have changed over the years from spirituality to that of quantum physics, as each complements the other, they are one in the same. As I have expanded my understanding of how 'things' work around me, through me and most importantly in me, I understand how vital it is to only reside in peace. 
To only think in peace.
To only act in peace.
To be love, and, to allow love to become us, to move through us in every action and thought.
As the molecules and atoms that make up our marvellous bodies and the world around us are not only present in what we are viewing, they are present in whatever we are thinking, be that in the past, present or future, they are wherever our thoughts and emotions are based. 
Visiting places of the past for example within your mind, you have the ability to transform the situation if the one you are thinking of is one of fear/negativity/anger as the molecules of emotion can not tell the difference between past, present and future, therefore we all have the ability to heal and love all aspects of our personal stories and those of the world.
Fear, hatred, blame, resentment, anger, hostility, and all other negative feeling that we are capable of are only keeping us away from that which we desire, love, freedom and peace.
Love has the ability to transcend the restraints of our borrowed bodies, it is ever present, everywhere, always.
With this understood and accepted as truth we all have the knowledge and the power to change the direction of our personal stories, past and present, and also those of the world.
Stay in the presence of peacefulness and love , and you will be doing far more than you can imagine.
Focus of the interconnectedness of the universe and you will be contributing to the healing of this planet and all its inhabitants...........


luksky said...

Have you ever read The Holographic Universe? Great book! It's very scientific but written in a way that even the most simplistic mind can understand.

Gemel said...

No I haven't Laura, maybe I shall have a look for it, thanks for suggesting it.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Quantum physics has certainly gotten cosmic with all the things that can happen simultaneously, makes one stop and think.