Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tuesday I......

 Tuesday I decided to accept the offer of a massage by a friend, and given it was wonderfully warm afternoon outside it was decided that we would set up my massage table in the courtyard.
A touch of paradise!
Using several items out of the garage to barricade the gate  area to allow Pixie and Tarmal access to the garden while I enjoyed an hour of luxury seemed like a good idea at the time, but, seeing that I used two of the cat carriers to do this I was to realise this was not one of my brightest ideas!
Unbeknown to me this freaked Pixie out, she must have thought that cat carriers meant one of two things,
Vet or cattery,thinking on her paws she decided to disappear.
Given the horrendous start to her young life Pixie is still very nervous, so any thing that is new, noisy or, in this case threatening, which means she runs for cover.
It was not until an hour or so after my massage that I realised I had not seen her for quiet awhile, which even for her was bordering on odd seeing that she had settled down so much in this new home of ours, she has been living outside of the wardrobe for nearly one year now, huge progress indeed.
 Setting off to look for her, I knew I had to remain calm, calling her is useless as she will not come when called, even though she knows I am calling her name, she will stay hidden.
As I searched the house though I was becoming more and more concerned, as I could not find her anywhere.
All her usual hiding places empty.
 Knowing that there was no possibility that she had been left outside I knew that she must be in the house somewhere, on and on I search, retracing my steps over and over again.
 After about an hour I did begin to question whether I had missed her when closing the door, Tarmie was following me around  somewhat amused at my behaviour, perhaps because he knew where his sister was the entire time.
 Going out into the back garden for another look around  I located Spirit sitting on top of the gate lording over his domain, I assumed that if his sister was out he would have been acting a little differently, so inside I headed once again.
 It was at this point that the penny dropped, she thought I wanted to catch her to take her away.
Starting yet another search of the house, this time very quietly and without calling for her I finally found her, she had squashed herself into a tiny ball under the sofa bed, it was only because I moved it slightly that I saw her, huddled and shaking in fear.
Picking up her trembling body I held her close to my heart, kissing he head and whispering words of comfort.
Although my little ginger princess has made much progress on her road to recovery, she still has a very long way to go, knowing the extent of the injuries that she had when she was found is the reason why I kept her, she trusted no humans, and was terrified of everything around her.
Although she is a timid and nervous little girl, she is also extremely affectionate and loving, and this nurturing side of her has really blossomed since we all moved into this house.
Settling down with her for a cuddle and purr I felt such gratitude for the gift of her presence in my life, for in seeing her trust in me blossom and love that she is willing to share with me is a blessing to moving for words........

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PerthDailyPhoto said...

What a lovely story Gemel, your pussy cats are just too gorgeous! So sad that Pixie had such a horrible start in life, how anyone can be cruel to animals is beyond me. I think she is really lucky that she found you and you her.