Saturday, September 17, 2011

With The..............

 With the table laid and Tarmal keeping a watchful eye over it I began to prepare the last of the evenings fare. 
As always I seemed to have made enough for a small army I get a little enthusiastic when cooking, my guests actually asked if others were joining us when they saw how much there was.
The soup was a hit, although very filling indeed, a meal in itself!

 After dinner I was instructed to sit, to relax while the dishes were washed, what a treat.
Putting my feet up I sat and chatted as my kitchen returned to a state of order.
 Sharing good food and conversation with two special people, what more could a girl ask for?
 A spot of air guitar perhaps!
 The forgotten salad, I discovered I had failed to remember to take it out with the main course, although we were all so full I doubt whether we would have eaten much of it anyway.
 Snuggling on the settee after my guests had left I breathed in the nurturing energy that radiated throughout the house, a comfortable pulse of harmony pulsated through me, easing me into a peaceful sleep.............

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