Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sitting In....

 Sitting in the pre dawn radiance this morning watching as the  moon drifted slowly towards the horizon, clouds dancing in the gentle breeze, all was still, all was quiet.
Settled and undisturbed in this time of transition gave me clarity to view the beauty that surrounds us all, not just in these precious moments before the dawning of a new day, but in every second that exists in our days.
We have become to 'want' too much, need things to define the person we are, things to prove our worth, things to make us feel good.
It is this preoccupation with 'things' that disconnects us from Source, from God.
I found in this moment that I saw with complete accuracy that I have maintained the ability to view beauty everywhere I go, it never leaves me, beauty is always my companion.
I often wonder why I am alive and living in a society that I am so detached from, why is it I found myself living a life that feels so foreign to me?
Surrounded by people who do not understand, nor, view the world as I, a conundrum indeed.
Yet as I continued to sit in the peace of the calm that enclosed me I understood that it really does not matter whether those of this realm understand me or not, for it is moments such as this when I am still and silent that I hear a voice so benevolent that its tenderness caresses every cell of this being I have become.
 And as I continue to be encircled with this presence I comprehend the meaning of my existence, I realise the purpose of this journey I call life, I accept the direction I am given, the encounters and relationships I have had and am yet to have, and in this time of understanding I recognise that beauty is with me always...................

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