Sunday, September 18, 2011

Seeing The World.......

 Seeing the world your way is an uniquely individual experience, no two of us view anything the same way, yet we all encounter those who seem to think they know not only what we want, but also what we are thinking, feeling, and what is best for us.
Sometimes these people will attempt to tell you what it is you need to do, usually they are simply wishing to get their own way, for you to do as they say, thus making all right in their domain once again. 

Of course it is impossible for others to know the dynamics of your inner realm, even if they think they know you on a 'deep' level.
Relationships offer the scope for intense personal transition, be they lasting connections, or those of the fleeting variety. 
Interactions with all others always present you with the ability to surpass old thought patterns allowing you to expand into a new way of being, if you are willing to go with your instinct.
For some of us though, letting go is difficult, not seeing that a connection has run it's course, they listen to what you are saying, yet, they never hear a word, too caught up are they in what 'they' want to see that the chapter is closed, and to see that you are already on your way out the door.
Living in the past achieves nothing, as it is irrelevant in what is occurring in your Now.
Of course many would like us to think that the past is prevalent in our Now, yet that line of thinking only keeps you locked in a merry-go-round of negativity.
Nothing from the past can affect your today, as it no longer exists, we keep ourselves prisoners of the past by rehashing episodes long left behind.
Moving onto to new horizons is always an exciting time for me as I know that I have the ability to manifest my own reality, even when I am given dysfunctional situations to transform from, I still acknowledge the precious renewal even these interactions leave in their wake.
Nothing happens to us by chance, we invite each encounter into our world, knowing that private transition is always accessible if we are willing to seize the opportunity.
Walking in freedom unshackled from the chains of the past is liberating, gazing with a clear heart into a vibrant tomorrow bestows the simplicity of synchronicity to enhance your story, permitting you the potential to compose the next instalment of your story............ 

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Beautiful places! I want to live near the sea.